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Fays Irish Dancing Shoes - Shoemakers of Quality Handmade Irish Dance Footwear

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Cementing the Insoles

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Cutting of the Uppers

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Punching the uppers for eyelids

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Working on fiberglass toes

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Adding the Toe and Heel to the shoe and finish

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The Finished Product

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Fay's Original Super Flexi Shoe with a leather sole

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Selection of Fays Irish Dancing Shoes

Latest News

Fays Ultra Lights

Our Ultra Light range was launched at the 2014 American Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal, Canada. This is the lightest of all our shoes, designed for dancers who do not want to have to break in new shoes enabling toe stands from time of purchase. Although lightweight in nature, the Ultra Lights will not overstretch and come with the durability expected from Fays Quality Irish Dancing Shoes (more ...).

riverdance dancing shoes We were delighted to recently craft a pair of our dancing shoes for The First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, presented above by Riverdance lead dancers Maria Buffini and Padraic Moyes prior to a special performance of Riverdance at The Gaiety Theatre, 18th June, 2013 (more ...).

Fays Ultra Lights
We are delighted to announce the latest edition to our quality Irish Dancing Shoes range. Designed to be Ultra Light and Ultra Flexible more ...

Formed in 1980 by Dan Fay (who had been making shoes for nearly 55 years previously), we believe in creating the highest quality Irish Dancing footwear. To achieve this, all our shoes are handmade by craftsmen in our own workshop in Dorset Street, Dublin Ireland. They have been worn by many a champion and we supply our shoes worldwide to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Canada, United States of America and throughout the rest of the world.

From years of experience in manufacture of quality Irish Dance Footwear, our shoe range are customized to maximise your potential, provide durability, with varying degrees of support and flexibility required allowing you to concentrate on your dancing. Furthermore all our hard shoes are made entirely with 100% calf leather. This soft supple leather gives the shoes terrific flexibility, an essential factor for Irish Dancing and puts our shoes at a unique advantage. Other standard features on all our hard shoes include the flattened toe for support and balance when performing toe-stands, click heels for increased sound and tone during heel clicks, reinforced high density heels or high-tech heels for terrific sharp sound and durability, and our specially formulated millenium tip with many years of improvement and fine-tuning delivering an excellent sharp sound, yet very tough and durable.

riverdance dancing shoes
We believe in creating the Highest Quality Irish Dancing Footwear and are the worldwide leaders in the manufacture of High Quality Irish Dancing Shoes. We were the original and official shoemakers of Dancing Shoes for Riverdance (See Article Irish Sunday Press, February 12, 1995).

So, please have a browse around our website, watch YouTube video and please contact us if you need any further information or would like to place an order with us.

Patrick Fay is our supplier in the US, for more information please visit Patrick's site.