Standard features on all our Ultra Lights include:
  • Highest quality Irish Dancing shoe design made entirely with 100% calf leather providing terrific flexibility and durability.
  • Fays High Tech Heels screwed on to the shoe for terrific sharp sound and added strength.
  • Moulded click heels which aid in easier heel clicks.
  • Made with experience, worn by champions, and guaranteed to last.

All Ultra Lights are available with Fays Superior Hi-Tech Heels for a sharper click.

Extra-wide fitting, rounded toes, other custom requests or orders are very welcome. Please contact us for more details.

Fay's Ultra Lights Boys Reel Shoes

The Fays Ultra Lights Boys Reel shoes are the most durable boys reel shoe on the market. Although lightweight in nature, the Ultra Lights will not overstretch and come with the durability expected from Fays Quality Irish Dance Shoes. Ultra light and ultra flexible fitted with Hi-Tech heels for superior sound.

Fays shoe size are based on IRL/UK (click here for size conversion chart)
Fays Shoe SizePrice
10 - 3€95.00
3½ - 8€100.00
8½ - 12€110.00
Fay's Ultra Lights Boys Reel Shoe