Standard features on all our shoes include:
  • Highest quality Irish Dancing shoe design made entirely with 100% calf leather providing terrific flexibility and durability.
  • Fays High Density Heels screwed on to the shoe for terrific sharp sound and added strength.
  • Moulded click heels which aid in easier heel clicks.
  • Fays specially formulated Millenium Tip with many years of refinement and fine-tuning, providing an excellent sharp sound, very tough and durable.
  • Flattened toe delivering extra support and balance during toe stands.
  • Made with experience, worn by champions, and guaranteed to last.

All our shoes are now available to order with Fays Superior Hi-Tech or original Hi-Density Heels (standard). While both deliver terrific sharp sound, durability and strength expected from Fays shoes, Hi-Tech heels has a sharper click.

Extra-wide fitting, rounded toes, other custom requests or orders are very welcome. Please contact us for more details.

Super Flexi Grey Suede

Fay's Super Flexi shoe fitted with a thicker and more flexible grey suede sole. Provides a certain level of flexibility but with the required stability suitable for any application. You will benefit from a shorter breaking-in period and more stability on toe stands. Suitable for dancers requiring a certain level of support, including intermediate and championship dancers. Available in both standard and wide fitting.

Fays shoe size are based on IRL/UK (click here for size conversion chart)
Fays Shoe Sizewith Hi-Density Heelwith Hi-Tech Heel
10 - 3€110.00€130.00
3½ - 8€115.00€135.00
8½ - 12€130.00€150.00
Fay's Original Super Flexi dancing shoes with Grey Suede Sole