We believe in creating the highest quality Irish Dancing footwear. To achieve this, all our shoes are handmade by craftsmen in our own workshop in Dorset Street, Dublin, Ireland

Our workshop is located at 54 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. From here, we make the complete range of Irish Dancing Shoes.

Our Workshop

fays shoes dublin - Cutting The Shoe Cutting The Uppers

The supple leather uppers are first cut and sewn together to form the shoe upper. At this point the leather linings are also applied.

fays shoes dublin - Lasting The Shoe Lasting The Shoe

From here the upper is lasted (stretching the leather upper over the last in order to add the leather sole). Once lasted, a grove is made in the sole and the Upper leather stitched onto the sole (as opposed to simply glueing it on). The shoes leather composition and makup make it flexible which is essential to Irish Dancing.

fays shoes dublin - Adding The Toe and Heel Adding the Toe and Heel

Once complete, the specially formulated heel (for extra sound), is attached and also screwed on for added strength. Finally, we add the Toe and Heel to the shoe to produce the perfect sound as expected.